Choosing Your Wedding Transport by Georgina Clatworthy

When it comes to wedding transport there is a world of choice at your disposal. Be it a vintage car, Rolls Royce or horse drawn carriage, here are some ideas to help you show up at the church in style.

Horse and carriage

Horse and carriage is a popular choice with brides wanting a magical experience. There is nothing like a regal looking horse and carriage to make you look and feel like a princess. You will find there is plenty of room inside, especially if you have a large dress or long train to accommodate. It is also a great choice for making a grand entrance. Once your guests here the sound of hooves trotting up the approach all eyes will turn in anticipation of your arrival.


The most classic of entrances. An elegant Rolls Royce is a popular wedding transport choice and are available with most hire companies. There are various models to choose from including vintage and classic models. For the traditional option you can?t go wrong with Rolls Royce. If you are worried about size then don?t. Most Rolls Royce cars will easily accommodate you and your attendants. You will also be in good company as many celebrities, such as Gwen Stefani & Nicole Kidman, arrived at their weddings in a Rolls Royce.


A vintage car is a really nice touch for a wedding and there are lots to choose from. If you are getting married in the summer choose an open roofed car or if your wedding is themed from a particular era, such as the 1930?s, try to hire a car from that period for an authentic touch. A vintage car is a very stylish way to arrive at your wedding no matter what your venue type.


Hire a modern car such as a Chrysler or Mercedes-Benz limousine. Add a special touch by decorating it with ribbon to define it as your wedding car. A modern car will work well for modern hotel venues and is perfect for a sophisticated entrance at a low key wedding.

If your budget is tight, then look for a smaller car such as a Volkswagon Passat. Or go for something whimsical such as a Volkswagon Beetle and take off as the original Love Bugz!


Think outside of the box and arrive in something unusual. Taxi?s, sidecars or even an army tank are just scrap car Huntingdon a few novel ideas for wedding transport. Go green and arrive on a bicycle or cycle off after the reception on a tandem! But, before you book the unusual, make sure you can comfortably fit in with your full wedding outfit on!

Before hiring?

- Go and view the car as its quality may not be how it looked in the photo.

- Check availability and book well in advance.

- Have the price confirmed to you in writing and check for any hidden costs.

- Ensure the company has all your correct details like venue, time of ceremony and ask for this to be confirmed to you in writing.

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