My experiences as a Taxi driver

Years ago, I decided to take in a new job. I was in and out, hopping from one job to another and decided on driving a cab. When you ask people, what do you think about being a taxi driver, you have all kinds of opinions. Some good and some Airport Transfer Luton bad. The fact of the matter is, I have met some really nice people who have driven cabs-full time and part- time. Not all cab drivers are shady and ready to rip you off. Believe it or not, there are some honest cab drivers out there.

I started working for Yellow Cab company. I went to a one day training class, where I was given some tips on taxi driving. Nothing elaborate, just a warning to sit and wait for a call, because if you use the cab to cruise, you get to the "poor house." Yellow cab company had a lease program and not a commission program. The year was 1987 and lease programs were becoming popular in the Norfolk area.

The lease program involved leasing a cab for a day. For example, you pay $50.00 for the day plus gas. Gas at that time was cheap, about a dollar and some cents, but it, still, added up. Whatever you make over $50.00 is yours, but if you don't, you owe the company money.

The commission program was, generally, splitting your profits with the company. For example, 40% is yours and in some cases, if you did good in mileage, you had an extra 4%!! Now, when you count tips, it could add up. The advantage of working commission is that the company pays for the gas! Another benefit of working commission is that if you had a slow night, you could bring the cab in and go home.

The first day I worked, I worked nights. I remember it as if it were yesterday, I put in 12 hours and all I earned was $15.00 for the day! My wife was disgusted, but I did not give up. I liked the job and saw great potential. A couple of days later, I made $60.00. I was blessed with a 1 1/2 hour trip going to Nags Head, North Carolina. The customer was a nice guy and I was happy because, at least, I had a change in the routine. It was something different and I enjoyed the countryside roads.

I, also, made some money working for the airport, but had a bad experience, when a cop gave me a ticket. I avoided the airport and started working the streets. Soon, I wasn't making much so I decided to work for the competition. I applied at Norfolk Checker cab and got interviewed by a manager who passed me through the "coals." Somehow, I must have had some favor with her because I winded up being hired.

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